Top 12 Madrid Startups – February 2017

February 06, 2017 Xavi Sala

These are the Top Hiring Madrid startups for the month of February. We maintain a live list of the top hiring startups in Madrid where you can see in real time who’s on a hiring spree and who’s not.

We see usual suspects like Cabify, Fever or Packlink who recently have raised big rounds (massive in the case of Cabify +€105) along newest addtions like Lingokids (Fka Monkimun) or Paymet hiring quite aggressively without making too much noise in terms of rounds of financing.

We also list the top hiring startups for all the cities in we are present, check out the list for:

For those who don’t know JobFluent yet we are the main source for startup jobs in Spain (BCN+MAD), but also a talent hub for tech companies. Reach out to us if we’ve missed your startup in the list (cause you are hiring a lot) or if you want to hire top developers.