JobsBCN gets an upgrade

September 02, 2015 Marc

JobsBCN upgrade


Agreed! the spreadsheet list with the job openings we were hosting at jobsBCN was informative, but not functional. In fact using it sucked. A lot.

If we really wanted JobsBCN to be the go-to place to find all the coolest tech and startup job offers in Barcelona we needed a change. We got hands on this August and today we are proud to present you with the renewed site. We have a job search engine at last,  you can explore by category, technology or keyword, and we are mobile friendly. In fact, everything is new, so instead of boring you with the details I’ll just invite you to check it out by yourselves.

Please join us in the celebration and visit

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New Jobs


Staff DevOps Engineer
January 17, 2022
Staff Software Engineer
December 29, 2021
Test Automation Engineer
December 28, 2021
Senior C++ Engineer
December 28, 2021
Data Engineer
December 27, 2021


Senior Ruby on Rails Developer
January 27, 2022
Tech Lead - Full-stack
January 27, 2022
Back-end Software Engineer
January 27, 2022
Software Engineer - AI
January 27, 2022
Scraping Engineer
January 27, 2022


Junior Software Engineer
January 27, 2022
Senior DevOps
January 27, 2022
Product Owner
January 27, 2022
Software Engineer (H/F)
January 27, 2022
Senior Software Engineer (H/F)
January 27, 2022


Operations Engineer LATAM - Back Office
November 16, 2021
Senior Front-end Developer - React
June 24, 2021
Senior Back-end Engineer
February 02, 2021
Back-end Engineer
January 25, 2021
Senior Back-end Developer
January 25, 2021