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Job Description


BackMarket is the number one European (and soon global) marketplace specializing in the sale of fully refurbished tech devices.

Job Description

Back Market is the #1 marketplace for refurbished electronic devices in Europe and in the US, leading the way in a shift towards a circular economy, freeing the planet from electronic waste. We are proud to sabotage ‘new’ by connecting highly certified professionals to consumers who are looking for a more affordable, reliable and an ecological alternative to purchasing brand new products.  

Back Market is undergoing meteoric growth and has raised over 884M€ already! We have the objective of reaching 1000 Back Makers by the end of 2022! We are thrilled to have an inclusive, fulfilling and caring work environment in all our offices (Paris, Bordeaux, Berlin, Barcelona & New-York). This is an opportunity for you to join a talented, humble and passionate team at the heart of innovation : the Bureau Of Technology

Be a part of the movement. Join the refurb revolution.

The Infrastructure team is made of 6 people based in Paris but also in other cities in France that come from various horizons and have diverse skills and backgrounds. We provide a robust and scalable infrastructure to host services developed by the Bureau of Technology, and monitor to ensure system health. We strive to always improve the platform stability, performance and security, and to provide the best developer experience while keeping costs under control.

As a Senior Infrastructure Engineer you will be in charge of building and running the infrastructure that supports Back Market websites in Europe, America and Asia. You’ll be using Infrastructure as Code tools like TerraForm, and immutability patterns to provide resilience and elasticity to the Kubernetes clusters running in the AWS/GCP clouds. Part of the Platform Tribe, the infrastructure team works closely with the developers to provide tools and processes they need to build and run new features while promoting the DevOps culture, like Continuous Deployment.

Your role will be to ensure that design patterns defined in the team are the best possible, and if they’re not you’ll propose and convince the team to adopt more appropriate ones. You will then ensure everybody applies these patterns, processes, coding styles, and approaches in their work to guarantee consistency in the team. You will aspire to allow the teams and infrastructure to scale by giving autonomy to the developers in a controlled manner, following DevOps principles.

Everybody in the team participates in leading or being part of working groups to think, compare, test, propose, decide, implement and run new projects that are part of the roadmap we define together for each quarter. Your role as a Senior Infrastructure Engineer will be to drive such groups be also to help and accompany others in their driver role to enable them to make decisions and release the best solution possible that covers the business needs the most efficient way we can think of. We strongly believe that many people can build complex solutions, but we rather build solutions that are appropriate and simple as possible, therefore deliverable, reliable and maintainable. We can always add more complexity later on if we need to.

You’ll also participate in defining the global long-term vision for the Bureau of Technology, and regularly refine it and communicate that vision to the team, so they tend to make decisions based on a good understanding of the global image we want to implement. You’ll make sure to represent the infrastructure, understand each other needs, and share ours, and you’ll encourage everybody to communicate with others and share their ideas, as we value everyone’s.

You’ll also ensure things are running smoothly, and make sure essential systems are secured, monitored and backed up. Like everyone in the team, you’ll be responsible for checking the alerts and answering developer requests on a regular basis. You’ll do your best to keep the volume of requests and alerts to a minimum by automating, providing documentation and training to developers, and proposing any enhancement you think can be relevant.

You’ll also take part to on-call rotations to ensure the websites are running as expected, and report incidents to our incident tracking to prevent them from becoming problems.

Your profile:

  • At least a 8 years experience in an Infrastructure Engineer position.
  • Strong understanding of what DevOps is about and want to apply its principles
  • Willingness to help Back Market grow, and ideally you already successfully faced scale-up challenges
  • Great communication skills in English (French is a bonus), and you can explain what DevOps is to anyone
  • You exude leadership as well as empathy and value cordial debates over always "winning"
  • Constantly learning from others and share with them
  • You are a deep thinker and can project yourself in a global long-term vision, yet anticipate the short-term as well
  • You love to coach or mentor people to make them knowledgeable
  • Willingness to be involved in the run and on-call
  • Passionate about infrastructure and design it for the success of the business
  • You make sure to always include security from the ground up, as well as monitoring and backups
  • Strong experience in programming and especially Go, and are open to other technologies
  • You love to share on technologies, your successes and your failures, provide training and sharing your knowledge, best practices, etc…
  • And you occasionally write blog posts, and talk during tech events
  • You aim to always stay up to date and make sure to read on a regular basis tech news
  • You have interest and knowledge in our tech stack : AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, TerraForm, Kops, RestFul API, Python, VueJs, Nuxt, Algolia, Datadog, Spinnaker, Nginx, UWSGI.
  • Recruitment process :

    * Call with our engineering recruiter

    * Technical video interview with tech team, cross-functional

    * Video interview with Hiring Manager + another leader in Engineering

    * Video interview with Head of Platform

    * Interview with Thibaud our CEO and Co-founder


    • A meaningful job: through hard work, you will help avoid thousands of tons of electronic waste and fight against planned obsolescence. It counts!

    • An attractive salary, equity, multiple benefits (meal tickets, health insurance, etc...), parental benefits, remote-friendly, relocation package, internal events, etc…

    • Technical challenges all day every day: you will have the freedom to innovate and adopt new ideas!

    • Work with passionate experts who will share their knowledge and help you develop and grow! (Backademy, technical guilds, Meet-up & Conference)

    • Grow your career with a flexible career path, BackMarket can help you evolve!

    • A booming scale-up: our environment is rapidly growing in Europe, the USA and soon in Asia!

    • A lot of fun: you will have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, open-minded and friendly environment.

    BackMarket is an Equal Opportunity Employer for any minority, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation.


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