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Job Description

RubiconMD is an innovative healthcare company bringing better care at lower costs to providers and their patients across the country. RubiconMD’s mission is to ensure that all patients have access to the care they need, no matter who they are or where they live. It’s no small order, but we achieve it with the right team. That’s why we hire empathetic, passionate, and strong leaders who are looking to make an impact in the world through our core values: Human, Agile, Innovative & Collaborative.

If you’re passionate about having a positive impact by revolutionizing the healthcare system and democratizing access to care, we’d love to learn more about you! Our engineering team is located across the US, primarily based in New York City, and throughout Spain.  

Key responsibilities include:

  • Enable software engineers to build quality into our processes and code, exercising thought leadership and helping us change the way we work to support quality. Integrate yourself with a team of full time engineers and encourage the culture of testing and quality assurance

  • Build product expertise on RubiconMD’s software, deeply understanding the workflows for providers and support staff and how they use our product. Work closely with our product and operations team to develop testing for each team’s workflows

  • Write automated tests that are stable, maintainable, extensible and ensure consistent product quality from release to release

  • Develop new manual test cases, set up performance testing tools, and coach team members how to best do the same

  • Handle product verification at every stage of the software development life cycle and ensure that reported defects are fixed in a timely manner while reporting technical issues to the company on a regular basis

  • Organize, prioritize, and code review test contributions from engineers

  • Share and be open to learn from your peers via pair programming, technical writing, code reviews, architecture discussions, and active engagement with stakeholders

About our stack:

Everything's up for debate but we want to leave you with a good idea of what tools we are using today. While keeping our current tool box up to date, we are open minded about trying new technologies and ideas that may better fit our needs.

At the highest level, our Ruby on Rails backend is hosted in AWS with our Angular frontend being served through a CDN. We process tasks asynchronously and leverage a frontend cache to help reduce network calls against our GraphQL APIs. Our Data Science team works off of a data lake, pulling dataframes into python for reporting and analytics.

This is the general idea and we’re happy to jump into all the details with you!

Desired skills and experience:

  • We are using the most recent versions of Angular and Rails which means we hope you’ve had strong experience in validating and debugging single page applications and apps following the MVC pattern.

  • We value collaboration with a mix of live and async communication approaches which requires effective written and verbal communication skills. You should be able to document and explain technical topics that are able to be digested by non-technical audiences.

  • You have experience building things in a high-level language (Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, C#, etc) and can effectively contribute to automated test suites using modern testing frameworks.

  • We often have more opportunities than bandwidth and you should be able to effectively prioritize where your efforts will have the most impact.

  • You are customer and product focused and have a proven ability to identify changes to workflows that will have the most impact on business metrics.

How we work:

We use scrum to organize into delivery teams which are autonomous, and responsible for holistically delivery features and pilots to our users. Our teams include fullstack, frontend, and backend engineers. We round out the team with a dedicated Scrum Master and Product Owner. These teams operate on a two-week sprint.

Additionally we have DevOps and Data Science teams providing support and insight across team functions.

Our Hiring Philosophy

RubiconMD’s founding mission is to democratize medical expertise, so that all patient populations have access to the care they need. In order to deliver on this, we focus on empowering primary care providers, who we believe are the key to a thriving, equitable health care system. It’s no small order, but we can achieve it with the right team. That’s why we hire people with drive and leadership, who are also highly accountable—to each other, to the providers we serve, and to the impact we exist to make.

RubiconMD is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination against persons of any kind on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nation of origin, age, disability, and genetics.

**COVID-19 vaccination is a condition of employment unless there is a legally protected reason for an accommodation.


About RubiconMD

  • Saa S

  • New York, NY, USA

  • 11-50

  • 2013


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