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Java Back-end Engineer in Madrid or Remote

The Agile Monkeys

40,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

Hi. It's nice to meet you 👋. We know how time-consuming it is to read job offers, and we appreciate your time, so let's get straight to the point.

🔎 What we are looking for:

We are looking for a pragmatic, proactive Java Backend Engineer who loves to develop, looks for creative solutions, wants to learn and continue growing, and understands the importance of soft skills.

To be honest with you, when choosing who’s going to be a part of our team, we don’t care if a candidate has a million years of experience. For us, energy, capacity, and creativity are much more important than a long resume.

We are looking for people who want to be part of the top-notch team we have been creating over the years, who love to learn new things, who are curious about technology, who take ownership and look for agile solutions to everyday problems.

Some of your main responsibilities will include:

  1. Participate in architecture and software development activities.
  2. Contribute to unit testing and perform minimal tests of work before being reported to the PO as complete.
  3. Always keep privacy and security principles in mind when designing or developing.
  4. Translate functional requirements into technical requirement together with the other team members.

 👥 We are looking for someone who has expertise in:

  • At leat 3 years of experience working with Java.
  • Experience in Spring Framework (Boot, Security, Azure, Flyway).

😍 It would be great to also have experience with:

  • Familiarity with frontend languages (HTML5, CSS3, Angular, React, JQuery).
  • Excellent analytical, time management and teamwork skills.
  • Non-relational databases.
  • AWS certificates.

👌 You will be a good candidate if you:

  • Have strong leadership skills and communicate very well with both technical and non-technical people.
  • Are a good team player.
  • Like the remote environment. We are a remote-first company.
  • Take ownership of the project and are self-driven.
  • Understand the importance of soft skills.

📍 Preferred location:

The job is full remote, but it’s better if you’re in a time zone between GMT -7 and GMT +2.

 💸 Let’s talk money:

The final figure would be determined by your location, level of seniority, salary expectations… and overall, what you can bring to the table. We would have to assess your current situation in order to give you a more accurate range, but how does €40-50k gross per annum sound to you?

🙂 Other benefits:

Money is important, so we offer a competitive salary depending on your profile. However, not everything in life is money, so we also offer:

‍- The opportunity to work with an amazing, and talented team.

‍- 100% Remote and flexible work. We have been working this way since before the pandemic. We typically have meeting with clients between 14 - 17 hrs (GMT +1). Other than that, we organize our time how we want. Our only requirements are a good internet connection, async communication, common sense, and respect.

‍- 22 days of vacations + your birthday or your kid’s birthdays + a Monday or Friday off when there are no holidays in a month. (between 2 - 5 extra days depending on where you live).

‍- Mentorship program since day 1 so you can continue learning, growing, and evolving.  

‍- Personalized english and communication classes with our in-house teachers.

‍- All the equipment needed so you can work comfortably from home.  

‍- Coaching sessions, nutrition, yoga, workout sessions, and everything that has to do with your emotional and physical wellbeing. As cliché as it sounds, we really care about people.

‍- Medical insurance for you, and with a special discount for your direct family.  

‍- Friday talks about interesting topics, an annual retreat with the whole company in Gran Canaria, and much more initiatives that we keep improving and changing based on our team’s needs.


What to expect as the next steps?

Our hiring process typically consists of:

We say typically because we're continuously testing and listening to you to make it better and better. We’re willing to look for alternatives if something about the process doesn't seem right for you and your situation. All we ask for in exchange is good, honest, and fluid communication.

1.Intro Meeting

What to expect?: An interview to get to know you, and answer questions you may have about our company. After this step, we’ll let you know if we want to invite you to start our process or not and why.
‍Duration: 20-30 mins
‍Pro Tip: Make sure can dedicate time and energy to our process and show your full potential before starting. If you can’t do that due to work or personal reasons, let us know. We have no rush. It’s better to start when you feel calm and ready.

2.Hackerrank Test

What to expect?: Our HackerRank consists of two exercises. You can solve them using any technology of your preference. If you don’t pass this phase of the process, we’ll send you a report.
‍Duration: It lasts a max of 270 minutes. However, It probably won’t take you longer than two hours.
‍Pro Tip: To get ready for it, we recommend you do Code Kata on platforms such as Code Wars.

3.Simulation of a real project

What to expect? • We'll invite you to a Slack channel and give you a series of requirements for the project. You can solve it using any technology of your preference. You will have the support of some team members so you can resolve any questions that may arise. If you don't pass this process phase, we'll give you detailed feedback.
‍Duration: This test takes place over the course of a week, asynchronously, you can dedicate some time each day, or you may prefer to condense it to a shorter period of time.
‍Pro Tip:The main purpose of this test is to see how working with you would be like. So make sure you communicate your decisions, make updates, ask questions, etc.

4. Final Interview

What to expect? A non-technical interview with a C- Level Monkey. After that, we’ll share with you our final decision.
‍Duration: 20-30 minutes
‍Pro Tip: Just be yourself.

We are a group of engineers, product designers, and creators working in software and tech innovation.

We are focused in the following areas:

- Microservices and event-driven architectures.

- Blockchain and Web3 projects.

- Security in software.

- Artificial Intelligence.

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