Full-stack Engineer in Valencia or Remote


55,000 - €75,000
0.1 - 1.0%
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Job Description

Kyso's mission is to build the best possible platform for companies and research teams to share and discuss data analysis reports. Specifically, we render Jupyter and R notebooks elegantly so that everyone in the company can read them, and we integrate with Github so that teams can deploy notebooks to Kyso automatically when they commit to Github so that they retain version control. Our secret sauce is that we render the reports made by technical data-scientists in a way that a non-technical audience can read.

🔥 The opportunity

We are hiring our first group of non-founding employees. We are an early-stage startup backed by some great investors like Techstars and Lunar Ventures. If you want to move to the best city in the world - Valencia, Spain - then you can work in the office with us. Otherwise, you can work remotely in the EU. This job will include equity commensurate with being one of the first hires in the company.

ℹ️ Responsibilities

  • Write code that powers the knowledge platform for data-driven companies around the world.
  • Write optimized back end code.
  • Be able to jump into all parts of the stack which is MongoDB, a node backend, and a Next.js/React frontend.
  • Write robust code and build out a test suite for the product.

🤓 Requirements

  • You are an experienced Node/JavaScript programmer.
  • Experience working with MongoDB.
  • Experience of building, deploying and maintaining a Node application.
  • Live within an hour of Central European time.
  • Be willing to move to Valencia, Spain or work remote within the EU (if remote then experience of working remotely is a plus).
  • Professional level English. We all love learning languages at Kyso - but the working language of the company is English.

💪 Bonus points

  • Dev ops experience
  • Experience runnning Docker in the cloud
  • You have a scientific background or a background in data-science.
  • Experience working with Python and Jupyter notebooks.

About Kyso

  • Data Analytics

  • Valencia, Spain

  • 2 - 10

  • 2017

As a data scientist or analyst, it's incredibly frustrating when the insights you generate from data are not transferred to the rest of the company effectively.

Other (non-technical) members of the team often find it hard to access the knowledge that could make them more effective in their respective positions.

For team leads & C-level execs, if knowledge on core business metrics is not disseminated efficiently throughout the entire team or company, this can lead to lost opportunities and waster resources.

Kyso is our solution to these problems - a central knowledge hub, a single source of truth for managing, sharing and collaborating on insights so everyone learns from the data, not just the engineers.

Kyso is the fusion between the technical and non-technical members of your team, a better way to communicate insights between the two. Technical documents like Jupyter & R Notebooks are converted into conversational tools in the form of beautiful blog posts, with all interactive charts and dashboards rendering nicely so you can really explore your data.

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