Full-Stack Developer in Barcelona or Remote

Gray Matter

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Job Description

Gray Matter is a Startup Studio focusing on B2B SaaS and AI with roots in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 and Barcelona 🇪🇸

We're passionate about building a company that can utilize AI to help people in their work life.

💼 Role

Full-Stack Developer

  • Event Duration: 5-Day Product Development Sprint
  • Location: Remote
  • Reporting to: Founder

The Company

Gray Matter isn't just in the software development business; we're in the art of constructing the future's leading SaaS companies. Our passion lies in harnessing AI to supercharge our products, adopting a product-led growth strategy that ensures scalability and impact.

As a Startup Studio, we're dedicated to the ideation, creation, and elevation of world-class SaaS solutions, aiming to empower individuals and organizations to achieve greatness through exceptional software.

The Situation

Gray Matter is initiating a 5-day product development sprint focused on crafting a Simple, Lovable, and Complete (SLC) GenAI SaaS product. This intense session is designed for individuals who excel in fast-paced environments, enjoy collaborative creativity, and have a passion for bringing innovative concepts to life. We're calling on adept full-stack developers who are keen on applying their skills to develop a meaningful product in collaboration with a team of experienced professionals.

The Role

Join our intensive 5-day sprint where you will:

Day 1-2 Collaborate with our experienced team to brainstorm and finalize the concept for a groundbreaking SLC product. Kick off the development process by establishing a robust product architecture. Day 3-4 Drive forward with the development, focusing on crafting an intuitive user interface, embedding essential features, and ensuring scalability and robustness. Day 5 Wrap up the development phase with final touches and bug fixes. Prepare for the sprint's culmination with a presentation to showcase the product's functionality, innovation, and potential market impact.


We're looking for individuals with:

  • +5 Years of Experience: Demonstrable experience in full-stack development, showcasing a strong portfolio of projects.
  • Proficiency in Development Frameworks: Solid skills in key development frameworks such as React, Angular, Node.js, and Django, along with a proven track record in API integrations.
  • Passion for AI/GenAI Technology: A strong interest and passion for AI and GenAI technologies, and their application in developing innovative SaaS products.
  • Experience in Product Development: Experience in transforming visionary ideas into tangible products that resonate from concept to customer.
  • Curiosity and Growth Mindset: An insatiable curiosity and a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth drive you to constantly push boundaries.
  • Team Collaboration Skills: The ability to work effectively in a team setting, adapt quickly to changes, and deliver high-quality work within tight deadlines.

What's in It for You

  • Fun and Innovation: Immerse yourself in a challenging and enjoyable 5-day sprint developing a new GenAI SaaS product.
  • Collaborative Experience: Gain invaluable experience working alongside a diverse team of experts in a dynamic, fast-paced setting.
  • Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional network with connections in the tech and AI industries.
  • Potential for Future Collaboration: Showcasing your skills and passion during this sprint could lead to opportunities for involvement in further development of the SLC product or other projects with Gray Matter.

This 5-day product development sprint at Gray Matter is an exceptional opportunity for full-stack developers looking to make a significant impact in the GenAI SaaS space. If you're ready for an intense, rewarding experience that tests your development skills and creativity, we'd love to have you join us in this innovative journey.


About Gray Matter


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