Full-stack Architect / Developer in Valencia


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Job Description

Company belonging to the group with a presence on several continents and enabler of the digital transformation of the production process in industry 4.0, and of resources and services in Smart Cities and Smart building, looking for a person with extensive experience in front and back development who not only has experience in development, but also in defining architectures and technical leadership.
Its mission will be to lead, together with the technical direction, the definition of the architecture and proposed solutions for the application, the technologies to be used and the patterns to be implemented, among other things.


  • Define or actively participate in the definition of the solution architecture, seeking solutions to performance challenges, scalability, ease of use and maintenance, technological obsolescence, etc.
  • Acquire a global vision of the application to be able to define appropriate solutions from front to back
  • Develop
  • Give the go-ahead to technical solutions proposed by members of the development team, helping colleagues if necessary
  • Propose improvements in the development flow taking into account the available resources
  • Help improve QA automation


Back end:

-It is very important to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in:
– The .NET stack and .NET core, especially the latter, and master:
EntityFramework and data model migrations
– NET MVC / ASP.NET Core (web APIs and controllers)
– Dependency injection
– Use of threads and asynchronism
– Fluently master the SQL language (complex queries) and the use of databases, including MySQL and SQL Server
– Have participated in the development and definition of distributed and complex systems that work in a decoupled way between their components, that is, to know first-hand the use of: Messaging and queuing services such as RabbitMQ, MSMQ or Kafka
– Cache systems like Redis
– REST services
– Standards-based authentication systems such as OpenId
– The design of self-hosted and unattended services
– It will also be positively valued:
Know the Azure DevOps stack, with which we work every day for the entire CI / CD cycle
– Having participated in the development of critical systems, that is, systems aimed at: Stability: no downtime
– The performance Scalability

– It is very important to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in:
Development in Typescript / Javascript.
Construction of web interfaces with HTML and CSS
– Definition of technical solutions for front development teams.
– Have experience in the development of SPAs and large and complex systems, divided into modules, components, services, etc.
– The construction of interfaces optimized in performance, response time and resource consumption (they are fast, they seem fast, they are efficient)
– It will also be positively valued:
Having used grid and chart type components for data representation
– Knowledge of frameworks such as Vue or React
– Experience in the use of SIGNALR, websockets or similar.
– Know the Azure DevOps stack, with which we work every day for the entire CI / CD cycle
– Have experience in testing for graphical interfaces / front business logic.

Having a high level of English is ESSENTIAL


About Idrica

  • Water Cycle Management

  • Valencia, Spain

  • 50 - 200

  • 2018


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