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Front-end Developer in Valencia

Mercadona Tech

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Job Description


...Frontend developer at Mercadona Tech?

You'll be part of our great Engineering culture. Our vision is to become a reference development team that delivers reliable, financially scalable e-commerce and logistics solutions. As a Frontend developer, you'll be messing around with interesting technologies like React. Mostly, the team develops the applications our customers use and the tools we use to manage products, prepare orders and deliver them.

  • We have our CI/CD structure set up with Jenkins (+docker) and we deploy several times each day
  • Our stack is React + Redux. We've started using Hooks and we like to make everything a bit functional.
  • We add tests to everything, we are migrating from Enzyme to React Testing Library and we are using Cypress for the E2E tests. Also, we log what's going on internally using Sentry and Kibana.
  • We share code, create internal libraries and npm packages using Verdaccio.
## In 1 month...
You will know everything that the public does not see in MercadonaTech's project. You will go to our Colmena (the warehouse where we prepare our orders) so where you’ll experience first hand our preparation and distribution processes.

In addition, you will receive many introductory talks about our infrastructure, services/microservices, and the teams that maintain and develop them. You will also have some (rather little :D) time to create from scratch some simple features to understand our development pipeline. You will do all this with one of us who will be your buddy to help you in your adaptation process.

## In 3 months...
You’ll be already set up and working. You'll know how we work, you'll have written many tests and put into production some features, you'll have met us all and you'll know each one of us by name!

You will be assigned to one of the teams, where you will actively take part in everything that happens. Dailies, plannings, groomings, kick-offs, demos, and retros are all part of our team rituals, but everyone chooses when and how to do them.

## In 6 months...
You will understand what the team's vision is, why we do things the way we do and what our goals are. At this point, you’ll have plenty to contribute, you’ll understand what the priorities are, and make informed decisions. In addition, as a valuable team member, you will have participated in the definition of your team’s common goals.

The rest of the team will have had time, get to know you better, and will even dedicate some funny Memes.

## How:
From day one, you'll work hand in hand with your buddy, who will help you set up your computer, get access to everything you need, and integrate you into the team. Once you’ve gone through our onboarding process and can work independently you’ll still have ongoing support from the rest of the front-end team.

You will participate in an XP team practicing SCRUMban: attending stand-ups, contributing to the analysis and design in the planning and/or grooming sessions, showcasing your work in our sprint demos, and sharing your feedback in the retros.

## With whom:
  • Quique: from Madrid, self-taught and passionate about new technologies & videogames.
  • Peris: from Valencia, extreme programming defender, and anime devourer.
  • Álex: from Alicante, passionate programmer. Simplicity is one of his rules.
  • Raúl: from Jaén, lover of Javascript, history, culture, and documentaries.
  • Juan Diego: From Valencia. JavaScript enthusiast and challenged hunter. Passionate about DIY projects.
  • Toni: Valencia. Javascript and Arduino fan. Motorbikes and beer lover.
  • Salva: Valencia. In love with functional languages as a way of simplifying problems. Fan of all kinds of cinema.
  • Mauro: From Buenos Aires. Wishes he could use Go on the frontend. Chihuahua owner and resident coffee snob.


In our offices in Plaza de America in the heart of Valencia’s city center. We have stunning views of the city’s main park on the old course of the Turia River and there’s plenty of restaurants, cafes, shops, gyms and green areas (Valencia is very cycle-friendly!). We are confident that you’ll find everything you’ll need to make yourself comfortable in the official city best to live in!


  • You understand how to deliver the best engineering solutions and know what makes a phenomenal product experience.

  • You welcome and embrace change and can adapt quickly.

  • You have experience building and maintaining scalable web applications with front-end frameworks like React/Vue and write tests using modern tools like Jest/Cypress.

  • You constantly seek improvement for yourself and your team.


  • A unique project in Spain
  • Competitive salary and bonuses
  • Tech challenges that make you grow
  • Career path
  • Top-notch equipment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Language lessons
  • Juicy internal referral policy $$
  • Better life quality in sunny Valencia


In 2016 Mercadona Tech was founded with the purpose of offering a brand new online shopping experience. Our objective is to create a simple and intuitive online experience for our customers, complemented with a supply chain that strives for efficient logistics through technology.
Since the delivery of our first order in 2018, our service has grown rapidly month over month, delivering and fulfilling 6,0000’s of daily orders in Valencia, Barcelona, and in Madrid. However, we won’t stop there as the rest of Spain is on our radar.


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