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Job Description is an innovative company based in Valencia, Spain, with global brand and presence. We are a data, IT and business intelligence company offering a new approach to traveller operational business intelligence, leveraging global flight reservation information and other data to monitor and qualify traveller flows, map global demand, and forecast trends. We provide live, tactical information and exclusive insights to Tourism Boards, Hotels Chains, Retailers, Airports, duty free operators, tax refund, car rentals, and all those that have a travellers-related business.

The position

As data steward, you will be responsible for:

  • Collecting, collating, and triaging issues and problems with data: Prioritized issues must be communicated to those individuals who may be impacted. The steward must also communicate issues and other relevant information (e.g., root causes) to those staff members that are in a position to influence remediation.
  • Managing standard business definitions, metadata, data documentation and business rules: This includes identifying, developing and approving key business terms and data definitions, ensuring compliance with naming conventions and naming standards, facilitating convergence for the correct definitions, associating business term definitions with their authoritative sources.
  • Managing data quality standards:Participate in the development of data quality standards that must be applied to the data sets that are both used and produced within FK. Defining or checking the data quality rules associated with the data sets, and using any technology required to assess and maintain a high level of data quality. oversee the quality, completeness, and consistency of data, communicate changed business requirements, and participate in the enforcement of data quality standards. Also validate data as it enters the environment to ensure that the internal and external data suppliers are complying with data quality expectations.
  • Distributing information:This involves enabling the capability to disseminate reference data in an efficient manner.
  • Managing the data life cycle:There are data quality aspects associated with the creation, modification, sharing, reuse, retention, and back up of data. If any issues regarding the use or availability of data over the data lifetime emerge, it is the responsibility of the steward to resolve them.

Personal skills and experience

  • Python/R
  • Data viz, analysis and interpretation hands-on previous experience.
  • Hands-on experience with BI tools such as PowerBI, Metabase, Quicksight, etc.
  • SQL and NoSQL DB technologies.
  • Working knowledge of Linux OS.

Nice to have

  • AWS cloud
  • Data governance & management
  • International experience
  • Have an eye for details and being thorough
  • Be a team player
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Full time, indefinite contract.
  • Be part of a fun, successful yet stable, young and exciting company.
  • Nice and dynamic working environment.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • ForwardKeys Fridays: four working Fridays off per year.
  • Remote work.
  • Wellbeing activities: Pilates, Yoga, Mindfulness and Osteopath.
  • English, Spanish classes.
Company story

ForwardKeys is an innovative travel analytics company. It was established in 2010 when the founders realised that the air reservation data used by airlines could serve every industry with an interest in global travellers. Since then, we have built an online platform through which our clients monitor and qualify traveller flows, map global demand and forecast travel trends. Our team now comprises over 90 people and continues to grow – and we are always looking to develop new datasets and products to help our clients understand the travel landscape.

Company culture

The working environment at ForwardKeys is international, challenging and flexible: International because our employees come (and work) from all around the world, just like our clients.

Challenging is making the transition from a start-up to a bigger company, and everything that entails – from developing and selling new products to seeking and seizing new opportunities.

Flexible means we understand that doing your job well is more important than being in the office from 9 to 6. To ensure everyone is working towards the same goals, we have biannual company weeks during which we make sure to have fun.

The job location

You will have the possibility to partially work remotely from your most convenient location. Nevertheless, your presence in our Headquarters in Valencia, Spain will be linked to specific purposes, what we call “Key moments that matter.” At times when it is valuable to bring people together, impacting the commitment, stickiness, productivity, and desired outcomes.

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