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Elixir Games

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Satoshis Games is a high growth startup founded in 2018 with the goal of leading the application of decentralized technologies (mostly blockchain) to the gaming industry.

After developing the first gaming plataform with Bitcoin micropayments as a proof of concept in 2019 (, we began winning our first international hackathons and got our first funding rounds from US investors and crypto world celebrities to advance product development.

We've since developed Light Nite, a Battle Royale game featuring in-game cyrpto rewards and NFT skins. At the same time we started and launched Elixir, what is called to be the Steam of the crypto games. This product was again awarded with a Hackathon 1st prize and is focused on being the first platform with an SDK that allows safe distribution of crypto-games, minting and integration of NFTs in games and launching of new crypto-games to the market, which are currently banned from traditional game stores. We released an Alpha version in June '21 along with an NFT marketplace, won the 1st prize at Bitcoin 2021 startup contest in Miami, and is steeply growing in new pc and mobile crypto games to launch and distribute.

We're also currently developing our second game for mobile and desktop using Binance Smart Chain, and are ready to enter the decentralized finance (DeFi) scene with more exciting projects in the very near future. Satoshis Games has been selected by Binance as one of the 7 startups to participate at its "Most Valuable Builder" Accelerator Program.

About the position
Our dev team is growing at a steady pace and already includes frontend engineers, backend engineers, UX/UI specialists, QA engineers, smart contract developers, 2d/3d artists and modellers, concept artists and game developers.

For this position we're looking for a seasoned backend or fullstack engineer that is experienced in most of the following technologies:

  1. Javascript, Typescript, Node.js
  2. Mongo, Redis, RabbitMQ or similar messaging protocols
  3. Docker and experience with CI/CD workflows.
  4. Any other additional language is a plus (Rust would be great)

Some of the tasks you'll be doing:

  1. Develop new features either in existing projects or start and own completely new services to support our wide range of client applications (games, SPAs, mobile apps).
  2. Integrate blockchain technologies, for example: help mint and prepare NFTs, listen to and process blockchain events, customize and deploy blockchain applications and participate in the architecture and design of new solutions for innovative use cases. We're early. :)
  3. Help our support teams by providing operational information, debugging corner cases, and enhance our logging and monitoring practices.

We're a small team and expect you to be able to wear many hats, take ownership and improve whatever you find needs to be improved. We use Agile methodologies without the dogma and are always open to hear / try about new tech you may bring to the table.

Needless to say, curiosity and a desire to keep learning and improving is a must in this industry.

Required experience
As a senior developer, we expect the following experience. You don't need to check all the items, but the more the better.

  1. Min 3 years in real projects. Having experience in projects with high data volume, real time connections and security will be highly valued.
  2. High level knowledge of Javascript / Typescript. Experience with real world Node.js applications and GraphQL with Federation.
  3. Good taste for architecture and clean code, without dogmas.
  4. Real, hands-on experience with MongoDB: advanced queries, indexing, data modeling, migrations, performance.
  5. Inter-process/service communication based on events/message passing.
  6. Performance tuning, caching with Redis, monitoring.
  7. CI/CD pipelines: building Docker images, deploying on Cloud environments. Github Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines or similar.
  8. Knowledge of any other programming language and environment is a plus, we believe every experience adds value.
  9. Being familiar with project management and development flows using Agile / light Scrum. Again, we're not dogmatic about this.
  10. A BIG plus is that you're familiar with any Web3 / blockchain technologies: Solidity, Rust (Solana), and so on.
  11. Being a team player! Participate in Code Reviews, pair programming, help with task definition and refinement.
  12. Optional but useful, some frontend knowledge of the frontend stack React, Next.js to be able to coordinate with the frontend team.

Where and when
We're a 100% remote team with people in Western Europe, South Asia and Latam. We have a flexible hours policy with some central hours around GMT+1 that you should be available at, in order to better communicate and sync with the team.

What we offer
Salary according to demonstrable knowledge, experiencia and capacity, ranging from 40 - 60K € / year and participation in the company stock plan. We can discuss this in our calls nothing is fixed.

A thriving startup environment with the one the most and diverse tech stacks available right now, including disrupting technologies from Web3 space (Ethereum Virtual Machine, Solana, IPFS). Training budget will be available to further your knowledge in these and future areas.


Acerca de Elixir Games

  • Games

  • San Francisco, CA, USA

  • 11 - 50

  • 2018


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