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45,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

atium is an easy-to-use water management platform for utilities of all sizes. We have roots in Valencia and a presence around the world.

Our SaaS solution gives operations & planning teams full visibility to run their water networks effortlessly in an open, digital environment. The objective: make the best use of a scarce and vital resource, water.

Our product is a SaaS solution created to analyze water distribution networks and help operators optimize their network performance. The objective: make the best use of a scarce and vital resource, water.

Up to 50% of clean water may get lost before it reaches the tap. Qatium’s mission is to create tools that can help in making the management of water infrastructure more efficient.

We are 100% remote and work 30h per week. Sounds good? Keep reading 👇

What about Qatium’s challenges?

We have no choice but to innovate

Qatium is competing face to face against heavy desktop applications, but as a web application.

In order to succeed, we have to use the resources provided by the browser to their full potential. Also, most of the app’s logic runs in the browser: there is no backend.

We’re building a completely new product, building the tools and frameworks that make Qatium possible.

We apply high quality engineering

Qatium is not a simple CRUD. You will face complex problems related to hydraulic simulation, handling GIS data and real-time graphical representation among others. Qatium is able to ingest and transform data from hundreds of sensors in real time.

Qatium needs to convey a lot of information simultaneously

We are building a single software package for users with different expertise levels inside the water industry. All of this, built over an interactive map. We learn from our users to provide them with the information they find more useful at every moment in time.

We are continuously discovering our path

Being a new product, our future is yet to be built. We have the responsibility of transforming our product vision into software that is useful for our users, relying on their feedback.

We participate in the whole product cycle

We are organized as a single autonomous product team, including people with different backgrounds and expertise levels.

What’s your part in this?

Here are some of the things you will be doing on a daily basis

    • Deliver new user stories practicing eXtreme Programming. You will work in pairs, deploy new versions of Qatium several times per day, apply test-driven development, refactoring to improve continuously and always taking care of the quality of their products.

    • Working in all parts of the application across the stack, from data processing to visualization, making full use of your unique expertise in any of the areas.

    • Deal with algorithms, graph theory, probability and statistics on a regular basis.

    • Collaborate with designers, hydraulic engineers, and team members of other disciplines to expand the product.

    • Participate in product definition sessions and workshops, shaping how Qatium will evolve

How will your onboarding be?

First Month

You'll be getting to know all your teammates. You will have assigned a buddy who will help you in your onboarding, finding answers to all these questions: What does each one do? Where can I find useful documentation? What is the development process like?...

Third Month

You will be fully familiar with the work methodology and culture! Also, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the organization's objectives and the strategies to be followed to achieve them.

Take care of entire features, ready to be implemented on the platform's infrastructure and products, will be part of your daily responsibilities.

Sixth Month

You'll be able to leading new functionalities and improving proposals (in tight collaboration with the product team), being responsible for their design and implementation.

You will clearly understand all product and functional requirements and how they interact with other tech stack components.

How is it to be a product engineer at Qatium?

Our product team works 30 hours per week, distributed in 6 hours per day, from Monday to Friday. Usually from 8:00h to 14:00h, aligned in the CET/CEST timezone (UTC+1/UTC+2).

Professional growth

We take care of our employees. We know that keep updated is so important for our team and to continue creating the best product possible. For this reason, we…:

  • Organize study groups to learn together about different topics, which will allow us to improve our product.

  • You will have a learning budget at your disposal which can be used to purchase books, course materials, attend conferences, etc.

  • We have a mentoring program available to help you grow in your career.

We also have a ladder with all the skills that the employee should have to be in a specific level, and we can create training paths to growth. Take a look at our hiring section in our handbook.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is designed to be quick and transparent. We want that our candidates are 100% sure of joining Qatium and for this reason we believe in transparency. After the CV screening, if your profile match with our requirements, we will have a first interview. We usually do 1h interviews. We like to make them in pairs to present the Qatium mission, how we work, tell you our challenges and check the candidate experience and expectations.

You will have a process in which you see how we think, how we work and what our code is like. Desksurfing step is designed to have a confident and transparent space for both parts.

You can see all the details in our recruitment process section on our handbook.

What can we offer you?

We have a clear ladder with levels and each level have a specific salary. For this vacancy we are looking for people with solid experience, so, will be aligned with the top levels of the ladder. There are three salary steps set by each team member’s impact on the product and the team.

Salary levels for this vacancy for 30 hours per week, equivalent to 40 hours in parentheses, are:

  • Level 4: 45.000€ (equivalent to 60.000 € for 40 hours per week)

  • Level 5: 50.000€ (equivalent to 67.000 € for 40 hours per week)

Qatium's level is based on impact within the organization. If you are curious, you can find our progression framework.

Job requirements

Who can join us?

  • You have experience working in Start-up environments, Open Source or highly complex technical product companies.

  • Experience as a Full-Stack developer in Javascript and React.

  • Passion for growing and up-leveling your peers, experience, mentoring and vision on how to help young engineers grow.

  • Someone able to take ownership and lead a project and who enjoys writing testable code.

  • You must be willing to work remotely

  • You must be a native speaker of English or Spanish.

  • At this time, we are only able to provide official employment status to residents of Spain. All other candidates join our team as a part-time or full-time independent contractor and are responsible for paying any taxes or fees where they reside.

We encourage all qualified candidates, regardless of whether they meet every listed requirement, to apply for this position. If you are passionate about helping create tools to make the best use of water, and you believe you can make a meaningful contribution to our team, we want to hear from you. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all applicants and welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds.

About Qatium

  • Saa S

  • Valencia, Spain

  • 11 - 50

  • 2019

Qatium is an open and collaborative water management platform.

By 2025, half of the world’s population will experience water scarcity in some shape or form. With Qatium, water utilities can simulate and optimize their water distribution and collection systems in a free, open and collaborative environment.


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