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Back-end Developer in Barcelona or Remote


15,000 - €40,000
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Job Description

Our goal at Digitail is to improve life expectancy and quality of life for pets by:

  • empowering pet parents with the right tools and personalized advice
  • improving the engagement between vets and pet parents
  • structuring medical data and providing the best tools for veterinarians.

We are a remote-first team with members in:

🇺🇸 US (Texas, Florida) - Customer support & success team

🇨🇦 Canada (Toronto) - Sales team

🇪🇺Europe - Product team (Romania, Spain and Sweden)

*What you'll be doing:

  • Working with Laravel application structured in Modules that might be extracted to microservices in the future
  • You’ll be working with a Domain-Driven design approach
  • Seeing your impact on the product
  • Learn a lot by being able to work across the whole codebase and being part of the scaling journey
  • Being able to take more responsibility & and have an impact on the technical direction
  • Refactor a legacy codebase
  • Working within a great team alongside other backend, frontend and mobile developers, quality assurance engineers;
  • Analyses business requirements and recommends innovative technical solutions;
  • Participates in code reviews and contributes to the overall code health;
  • Expresses technical ideas and contributes with knowledge and experience to the team’s professionalism;

*What it takes:

  • You are enthusiastic about learning new things and taking on new challenges
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented, and able to work autonomously with minimal direction
  • Experienced working remotely

About Digitail


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