1 job offer at Univrse

  • Virtual Reality

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • 10 - 50

  • 2019

Univrse is the Metaverse for high traffic venues such as museums, cultural spaces, business showrooms or events. It allows allows up to 100 simultaneous users to share an immersive experience in physical areas of any dimension and shape. The Univrse Experience Manager gives total control over multi-user installations and it drastically boosts the creation process of immersive content.

Univrse goal is to cover the developer’s needs when it comes to create and manage interactive multi-user VR applications. Univrse is a simple and intuitive tool for Unity creator’s with a designer mindset. It includes advanced features to develop complex experiences. That’s why Univrse can help them to significantly boost the development of any kind of multi-user VR applications. Thanks to our tool they can earn a lot of time and money.

Univrse is also a very versatile solution that allows to:-import and manage connected interactive multi-user VR applications (up to 20 participants).-make an easy deployment and update of VR applications within organizations and/or external participants.

Univrse works with PC/Mac desktop (no VR headset needed) but also with Oculus Quest I & II for a more immersive experience.

Tech Stack

Unity Agile Unreal Virtual Reality VR product management Team Leadership Video Edition UI Design VFX

Univrse job offers in Barcelona