Top Startup Accelerators in Spain

January 21, 2013 Katherine Stott
Startup Accelerators in Spain

Image courtesy of: @skyhighatrist

What do accelerators, seeds and incubators have in common? In this context, we’re talking about aids to the startup industry. Call them startup accelerators, seed accelerators, business incubators or similar such combinations, but their role is always the same. To offer open applications to small startup businesses who can apply to potentially take advantage of mentoring, training and funding from the incubator in exchange for shares in the business. Their assistance is offered for a defined period of time that is generally three months long and they’re there to foster innovation and entrepreneurship as well as help facilitate the development of global tech companies.

Okay, so you’re mumbling something about the fact that you already knew all that? Well, perhaps you’re not as aware of who some of the best startup accelerators in Spain are?



If you’ve done any research into startup incubators in Spain, you’ve no doubt stumbled across the name Wayra. They’re searching for progressive digital startups and believe that with the right channel, financing and support, any great idea can be brought to life. Depending on the level of maturity and the business of self, startups could receive up to EU50,000 as well as management assistance and tech support. Being a part of the Telefonica Group, startups associated with Wayra have access to trade agreements, expert advice and state of the art technology. They’ve already got 181 startups working in their program and are looking for more eligible candidates. Have a look at their areas of focus and see if your startup fits into any of those niche zones.

Tetuan Valley


Another well-known establishment brought about by Okuri Ventures, Tetuan Valley is a not-for-profit accelerator with an overall aim to improve the chances for all entrepreneurs by assisting in developing the startup environment. A number of different people work together to bring opportunity to entrepreneurs and startups, including a stable crew of incredible brains and brawn, investors, academics, a host of mentors from all areas of expertise, as well as a number of noteable sponsors. Various activities such as the Tetuan Valley Startup School, Tetuan Valley Carabanchel Accelerator Space and host of different events and activities bring this establishment to life. They are the startups answer to Silicon Valley and their words couldn’t say it better: “We believe. We believe that single individuals can change the course of history.”



Offering support and services along a similar line as both of the aforementioned groups, SeedRocket is proud and willing to offer funding, training via their Entrepreneurs Programs and know-how to any willing, determined entrepreneurs and startups who are willing to take the plunge and give it everything they’ve got. SeedRocket have partnered with a number of awesome companies, some that are known worldwide, and have a host of successful startups associated with their brand. A number of well-respected mentors are associated with the group, most of whom are serial entrepreneurs and professionals known by name within the technology and business industries.