JobFluent raises €320 million becoming the first unicorn of the spanish startup ecosystem

December 28, 2016 Xavi Sala

Update: This article is a joke and was published on a 28th December, known as “Dia dels Innocents” in Spain. This date is similar to April Fools’ day in other countries. Hope you have as fun reading as we did writing it!


TechCrunch first broke the news and the impact was felt up to Collserola this morning. JobFluent executive team celebrated with champagne as if having won the Lotería Nacional. “Investors believed in our plan” the company CEO Marc Monguió told media about a round that was led by Luis Martín Horowitz & Partners.

“we are surprised, the deal was closed in 2 minutes” Marc explained, “everyone went crazy when I mentioned our 1000% MoM growth , but as soon as I spoke about our approach to hiring using Big Data, Machine Learning and Neural Networks they went totally nuts. I was carried away on their arms through the doors like a bullfighter, we went to Via Veneto restaurant to celebrate, one of them was crying with emotion”.



Fortune also covers the story on its front page


Not all are good news as the round saw JobFluent cofounder Xavi Sala exiting the company to pursue new ventures “I’m founding another startup, Perkify, you’ll hear about it”. Asked about the vision for his future company Xavi said “Perks are broken, we need to disrupt this old market. We’ll go further than Yoga, massages, and puppies at the office. We’ll establish a 90 days paid vacation, paternity leave up to 18 months, and a 3 hours workday”. As it is not clear what would a business model look like for such a company Xavi said “for now we’ll focus on growth, once we get there it will be easy to find a suitable business model that works for us. My goal is to make the world a better place and that starts with perks”.

As for JobFluent, the company said it will be hiring immediately up to 1000 engineers ranging from Backends with more than 10 years of experience in Node.js to a full team of SysAdmins to deal with Docker regressions. According to an internal source, all JobFluent front-end will be reengineered in AngularJS -Just because we can- the CTO said. Applications must be sent through JobFluent’s site.

JobFluent is now present in Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and London but will be expanding to another 563 more cities in the next few weeks.