10 Hot Amsterdam Startups Right Now

March 12, 2014 Magda



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It’s no secret. Amsterdam is one of the hottest and fun-filled cities in Europe. Everyone wants to go to Amsterdam and experience its nightlife and bike along the canals.

But you must know that aside from its cultural and party atmosphere, the Amsterdam startup scene is growing strong with plenty of job opportunities from hiring companies. Here is a list of 10 hot Amsterdam startups that are worth watching – they are hiring!


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Silk is a platform for sharing collections in an organized way. A Silk site lets you add structure to your information and gives you many ways to filter and visualize your content. Silk works as most other blogging platforms, but it adds data-search functions for users and visitors alike.


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ShareVoting is an online platform that enables companies to communicate with their shareholders, especially with regard to AGMs and EGMs. This platform can be used for keeping the shareholder register up to date, sending notifications of meetings, sharing relevant documentation. It even allows shareholders to vote online, and helps on managing the quorum.


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PastBook allows you to create a book using your social media content. With PastBook, you can access all the photos you’ve ever shared with friends or family to create the perfect photo book so your memories are safe.


Bottlenose tracks and shows trending topics, people and emotions that matters to your business in real time. It enables you to pinpoint surging trends as they’re happening, enabling you to identify, anticipate and instigate trends that are driving perceptions of any brand and business.


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3dhubs is a user-friendly platform that connects people who want to 3d-print to the people who own the printing machines.It allows everyone to have easy access to 3D Printers worldwide.


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BitPay is an electronic payment processing system for the bitcoin currency. Their platform enables online merchants to accept bitcoins as a form of payment.


Adyen is an innovative payment platform that allows integration between online, face-to-face and mobile payments.


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Yanomo is a very simple, calendar-based time tracking tool. This web-based software stands on a simple idea: data input must be effortless to be accurate, and only accurate inputs will result in accurate insights.


Wevolver is developing a platform where creators can host and share open hardware projects in a collaborative way or get involved in other projects.


Peecho connects websites to a network of 2D printers. Digital publishers only have to upload their publications in a pdf file and Peecho creates a Simple Print Button that can be added to any website. They allow publishers to offer and sell books or magazines from their own website without any effort –Peecho takes care of everything, from processing the order and billing to printing and shipping.



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